ATOMIUM is a brand name for a set of autochemistry products aimed to restore, clean up, support different mechanismsof the vehicles (engine, transmission, hydraulic power steering, etc.) . The brand belong to SUPROTEC company based in St.Petersburg in Russia.


SUPROTEC was founded in 2002 and since then became most well-known producer of various products for passenger cars. Among various traditional greases, additives, cleaners the company produces its own class of products – tribotechnical compounds. These are special additives which able to restore worn friction surfaces of any mechanisms during its regular use.

Since its foundation by few enthusiasts of new technology SUPROTEC grew up to an enterprise which includes:

  • scientific department with two own laboratories;
  • two production departments for autochemistry and tribotechnical compounds;
  • large distribution network covering all the regions in Russia and neighbor countries;
  • daily radio show dedicated to drivers and car owners and their problems;
  • own cross country racing team.

In 2012 SUPROTEC has established its European branch in Czech Republic to produce and distribute ATOMIUM products.

Tribotechnology SUPROTEC is successfully tested and applied by large car parks, shipping companies, automakers and other industrial enterprises. But the main thing is that by now more than 5 million personal cars are successfully treated by tribocompounds. No complaints registered!


Add life!
Add life!

The slogan o fSUPROTEC company sounds as “Add life!” – literally improve the life of a car owner. And it may be understood in various ways:

Safety. The car treated by ATOMIUM products are more reliable. Engines, transmissions and other mechanisms get protected from critical wear and therefore provide stable work. It sufficiently decreases the probability of a sudden failure and thus provide more safety for driver and passengers while driving.

Economy. ATOMIUM products aimed to support working properties of vehicle mechanisms which means to support their efficiency. After all it reduces amount of energy needed to move the car and correspondently – amount of fuel. In fact, ATOMIUM tribocompounds and cleaners may pay for themselves in a couple years just dueto fuel savings.

It is important to also to count repairsand detail’s replacement which car owner may avoid using ATOMIUM products. Restoration of friction wear leads to prolongation of engine lifetime by two-three times. The same is true for other mechanisms. It reduces car maintenance costs significantly.

Pleasure. Any drive become easier and more comfortable when the car does what it should do. It is better to have full power and acceleration than at your disposal than to worry if you can overtake a car in front of you. It is better to enjoy some music instead of irritation noises and vibrations. It is better to think about important things than to listen for engine sounds trying to guess if the car will survive till the end of journey.